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Ramses intro video
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Ramses: a project for the preservation and protection of Venice


RAMSES (Rilievo Altimetrico, Modellazione Spaziale E Scansione3D – Altimetric Survey, Spatial Modeling and 3D scan), sponsored by the City of Venice and implemented by Insula SpA, is the project that for the first time ever creates a three-dimensional representation of the city paving with centimeter accuracy: the entire historic city centre of Venice was surveyed and  the plan and elevations of streets, squares and embankments was represented with unprecedented detail.
Ramses is the first project of its kind, in terms of the integration of methodologies - traditional topography and the GPS satellite system with laser scanner - and the extent and thoroughness of the survey on the urban scale, with over 20,000 laser scans on a linear span of one million square meters.

This website provides both the results produced by this project and the documentation of the process involved. Starting with the needs that prompted the city to adopt this tool, it presents the fundamental phases in the process to complete this very important work.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 08:49