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planimetric framework

stazione totale chiodo

The densification network was created with a primary long-sided reference grid using traditional instruments linked to the vertices of the Gps network and a second layer with short-sided densification polygonals linked to the main datum points of the reference grid, to reach blind areas (streets or zones with a single access point) where it was impossible to close a loop.

The reference grid built with traditional instruments, has a network structure consisting of long-sided closed loops, linked to the datum points of the Gps reference grid. The network was divided into separate blocks and linked to the Gps reference grid: 16 blocks each linked to a minimum of 4 Gps datum points.

The creation of a short-sided densification polygonals linked to the datum points of the reference grid was implemented by measuring closed polygonals, linked at the ends to the datum points of the reference grids or simply closed. In some cases, in particular in dead-end streets or where there is no possible outlet, open-ended polygonals were created.