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Ramses risultati video
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Ramses: the results

monografia caposaldi

the benchmarks

More than 4,400 benchmarks have been monumented in the historic city center of Venice. They are the benchmarks for the Gps network, the densification network or the reference grid. The monographs may be downloaded free of charge directly from the map by activating the layers of the network of interest (Gps, reference grid or densification network) and then clicking on the desired point.

nuvole di punti


The survey has produced a datum with a density of 2,500 points per square meter. All these points have been located on the reference grid and so are geo-referenced with an accuracy of 2cm on the horizontal plane and 1cm in elevation. These points have been used to determine the contour lines and the boundaries of the pavement and elements of discontinuity (steps, thresholds, manhole covers, wellheads, column and colonnade bases).


curve di livello

contour lines

The datum was used to generate contour lines with a discretization of 1cm. It is possible to consult the full set of contour lines of the city directly from the map, or to download a file for each island in .dwg format from the control panel of the map.

pavimentazione e discontinuità

paving and discontinuous edges

The datum was used to generate the edges of the paving, the limits on the ground of the buildings adjacent to the surveyed paving, the lines of discontinuity (steps, railings, urban furniture, streetlights, etc.).

The paving plan for each island of Venice and the historic city centre may be downloaded directly from the control panel of the map.

abaco tombini

sewers and drains

A census was carried out of all the sewers and drains in the streets of the historic city center (available from the map). The typologies were listed in a summary schedule referenced by all the elements of the cartography.

rilievo laser ponti


A laser scan survey was made of the bridges of Rialto, della Costituzione,Tre archi, de la Sbianca, Guglie, Scalzi, de la Cereria, Foscari and Santa Margherita