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Special mention at the Best Practice Public Heritage awards 2010

menzione speciale Forum PA

The key to Insula’s success is its driving principle: the philosophy of flexibility that underlies it and has made it possible to experiment with the adoption of new governance processes for the public heritage, as a strategic resource for public bodies. In 2010 Insula won the special mention in the “best practice public heritage awards” that, as part of the “4th National Forum on Public Regional Urban Real-Estate Assets”, promoted by Patrimoni PA net, highlighted the most innovative experiences promoted and developed in partnership between public agencies and private companies for the management and development of real-estate, urban or regional public assets.


Gisportal, winner of the national Geographical Information Portals AM/FM 2009 award

premio AM/FMFor the user-oriented presentation of the services of the sector and the level of interactive experience

The 2009 edition of the “geographical information portals” award selected GISPORTAL for the user-oriented presentation of the services of the sector and the level of interactive experience. The selection was made at the conclusion of an extended process involving experts, advanced evaluation technologies and three user groups from three Italian universities. The results and participants in the competition may be seen on the website http://www.amfm.it/premio/2009/premio2009.php. The awards ceremony took place on December 1st in Bari, during the 13th ASITA National Conference.


Oscar for innovation from Dire & fare nel nord-est, 2002

premio dire efare

Dire & fare nel nord-est® is a thematic programme focusing on innovative activities and the quality of local public administrations, which in 2002 awarded the Oscar for innovation to the Urban Maintenance System of the City of Venice.


Smau award in industrial design for the product Smart Insula, 2001